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As I flesh out this part of the website, there are two links that contain most oof the iniformation I will be providing in this page. Beware that some offers are no olonger valid as well as some of these products I noo longer use (Such as Stash or Chime) But you should still receive the reward from my understandinig if you use the link. Find another link if you aren't sure if Mine will work.
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Read the Terms - Follow the Instructions for each Affiliate category

Each App and/or affiliate link for a servicehas their own Terms on how to receive the bonus or incentive they are offering. Please be sure to follow the instructions after clicking the link to take full advantage of the affiliate link. Some offers listed have changed as the companies can change their offers at will. Once you've taken advantage of the opportunity, you can then be an affiliate yourself.

Crypto Apps

Coinbase - Offer - Typically Coinbase offers $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) to new members who spend $100 or more one their first Coinbase Transaction. Click the Coinbase Link and fill out the registration form to take advantage ofo the referral. Additionally, If you sign up for Coinbase One, use the same referral code (edward_j9) and you'll get your first month free and receive $10 off your next monthly payment. See Coinbase Helpdesk for more information.

Nexo - Offer - Receive $25 in BTC for topping $100 or more into a newly created Nexo account. Topping means purchasing or transferring existing funds into a Nexo account. Have $100 worth of AVAX in a previous crypto account? you can Move it into the Nexo account and receive the $25 in BTC.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
Stock Market / Forex Related

Moomooo - Deposit $100 and get 5 free Stocks, Deposit $1000 and get 15 free stocks. New clients to Moomoo will receive a 5.1% annual interest rate on your uninvested cash, and they will give $10 coupons on top of that. With\drawable to your bank account after a specified amount of time. (60 Days I believe). Has Desktop app, Mobile app, state of the art charts, paper trading for stocks futures and options.

WeBull - 20 fractional shares of randomly selected stock valued at $3-$3,000 each. 5% annual interest rat for unused funds. and a lot of the same featurews above as Moomoo. (Personally I just started with Moomoo so 'm tryiing to cm[are as to which is better and will get back tu here with my tnoughts)

Receipt Apps
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worm's-eye view photography of concrete building
worm's-eye view photography of concrete building

Website Domains - Social Media

Hostinger Referral - https://hostinger.com?REFERRALCODE=1TYLER440

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