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You didn’t stumble upon this page by accident. You either found me on Twitter, Tradingview, Facebook, or a trading forum. You know I have an unorthodox way of trading and it works. That’s because I was privately mentored by ICT (The Inner Circle Trader), Who was mentored by Larry Williams. Larry Williams is the only person to make a million dollars from $10,000 in the Robbins Cup. ICT has ended his private mentorships. However, I can try to fill in whatever you may not catch from him, if you would rather start with him first. I can unearth some very keen details about the market most others do not even know about. Start small and work towards bigger goals, don’t have hopes of becoming a millionaire overnight, this will not get you there, nothing will. Be reasonable.

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At first my goal was $1 a day until I could start making it $5, then it got up to $200. And so far I’m leaving it there. ICT Encouraged us not to be in the markets during the mentorship days because he was afraid we would form bad habits. I took his advice and I’m glad I did. Some days I hit my goal, others I may be short. But I’m close enough to where I can keep it realistic. And if you want to do something similar, hopefully this will get you on the track toward retiring sooner because we all don’t want to work for the rest of our lives. So, fill out the form above and we’ll be in contact.



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