Tradingview’s Cyber Monday Sale and How to Save and Earn Throughout the Holiday Season

Here’s a little video of all the features you can receive by upgrading your Tradingview Subscription if you don’t have one. And you can pay in CRYPTO this year!


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Additionally, to save more and earn back during this holiday season, I’ve put together a tutorial on what apps you’ll need to handy while shopping, how to capitaliz from your receipts and how to earn cash back from many internet banks that pay for you to uise their bank for a single direct deposit. You can earn upto $400+ from internet banks see below for the tutorial.



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To save on many other things throughout the holidays click here:

Smart Money isn’ t Always about knowing how to read charts, it’s also about risk assessment, and debt factor. So I’ve pupt together a little list to help all those that may be Trying to get in some shopping deals today.
1. Use a service that pays you as well. Which is why I recommend

a) Social Good – with a referral you’ll get a $100 bonus as well as any items purchased through their market place. They will match with 100% Social GoodCrypto. Th market place is comprised of Ebay, Ali Express, Best Buy, H&M, and manny more. click here to start saving and giving back to yourself. b) Make sure you’re making purchases using the Coinbase card which can give back 1-4% depending on the crypto you choose. Addionally you can purchase Coinbase Gift cards for stocking stuffers.
c) We all hope we do Don’t have to dip into our credit cards, but sometimes we do, Use the cashback ones to pay your balance down quicker. Here’s a good offer from Capital One for that and you can get $100 just for getting approved for the card.
d) I’m sure you’ve used Wish and would ponder it again, But have you heard of the sister/same site of It’s the same thing as wish except specified to their electronics and gadgets from my understanding. Hey here’s an introductory link to give you $5 off if you planned on picking things up at Wish. head to Geek and get an extra Bump in savings.
put in the code “cwwtpvxn” at check out. The shipping is getting cheaper and better.
d) If shopping online there are many websites that will compare and find deals for you as well as coupons., If you’re not signed up for any of these, please check the link and add the extension to your browser if possible.
Coupert – start off with $5 in savings, continue as it finds you even more (It found a 27″ curvbed monitor for me that was $112 on some website I’ve never heard of that was the same one on Amazon for $149. Get the Browser extension
Surf – Compares and finds other and possibly better deals, awards you points towards gift cards for using it.
Rakuten – giving bacl 12-15% with a $40 referrql for places like Target, Walmart, Levi, etc.

Next up in the tricks of savings, The new “buy now pay later companies”
e) Apps that are like credit cards but aren’t such as Klarna ($30 for free after your first purchase), Affirm (which supposedly gives you aN extra $10-$20 after your first payment (Suggested by Amazon), and others like After Pay and Perpay (Perpay is it’s own Market, use the link and get $100 credit towardfs your first order, no need to make a first purchase, refer others and get $200 by sharing your link to others that need it).
f) Before you go anywhere make sure you saving on gas with Get Upside App. Claim 20-50 Cents off a gallon at a nearby gas station, as long as you put in you last 4 digits of your card number in the app once you’ve claimed the gas deal and paid for your tank. That money will come back to your pocket.
g) Also, make sure you download Pogo so that all your purchases and location re\wards can be accountted for. You could earn an extra 10-20$ back over the season.
h) Your going to have a lot of receipts by then end of all of this. There are mutliple apps that pay you in gift cards just for uploading your receipts
– Fetch –
– Coin Out –
– Receipt Jar – code: TYLEEWXJKTYLEEWXJK
– Receipt Hog – https://www.RECEIPTHOG.COM CODE: nud80957

Now, take some time to save yourelf some money during hard times of the holiday season. You have plenty of r)

  1. Chime – $10 for signing up and $100 for your Deposit
  2. Oxygen – $10 for signing up and $100 for direct deposit
  3. Aspiration – $50 + 5-10% cashbank certain items
  4. Sofi Money – $25 Sign up + $300 Direct Deposit
  5. VARO – Award $30 for spending $20

And there you have it, the best instructions on how to save and earn back throughout the whole season so you don’t end up more broke than you did before the season.

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