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Below is a quick introduction video If you have just stumbled upon this site. Otherwise I suspect you have found this site through my Tradingview ideas, Twitter, You’ve actually watched some of my very long winded lessons, or through one of my other random social Media sites I use. And if you’re here, you probably know that my technical analytics style is unconventional, but it works. You can choose to watch the video if you want. If you why you’re here then click the first link above The BODIES X WIX – Smart Money and you can fill out a form on if you would rather just be added to a signals Telegram Room or if you want me to actually teach you how to read Smart Money Price Action as I was mentored by the Godfather of “Smart Money” … Inner Circle Trader. He used to trade as an institutional trader, and there’s a lot of information that I have not shared that I know because of my mentorship. He has retired his mentorship, so I’m trying to pick up where he’s leaving off. (He has a free mentorship on YouTube now, but it’s about 1/10th of the information we received during the private mentorship.) Want more information regarding my private mentorship? Click the link above and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon. Never heard of me and want to know about Smart Money? Watch Below.

Now that you have watched, you may have a better idea as to what we refer to as “Smart Money”. Smart Money Theory = everything that is not retail related to trading. First, SMT does not believe that triangles, wedges , trendlines , channels, harmonics, etc. has any effect on how price reacts. I’m Sorry, but you won’t convince me that Tasla or Bitcoin knows it has created a triangle and that it knows how to react from that? Below is an example of not Smart Money IO see a moving average and a Top Channel/trendline on the example. This is something we would never use to predict future movement.


What Does Smart Money do? What do the charts do? Just remember that price action will do 2 things 1) move toward attacking where there is Liquidity (Equal Highs, Equal Lows, Swing highs/lows, phantom Trendlines etc.) and 2) Move toward an Imbalance (Fair Value Gaps, Liquidity Voids. Open Gaps) That’s the basics. The rest is very unique in the vocabulary you need to have and the concepts that wrap around these ideas. You’ll be able to recognize what price may currently be doing, where price may go from it’s current position, .and that price action now has a narrative. There’s a reason price does what it does and it has nothing to do with moving averages or it’s Stochastic RSI.

Additionally, start understanding that price is always being manipulated, recognize that the price is not random, it is set by an algorithm controlled by those that control the asset. Is price acting like it’s going to go up and you wan’t to buy with it because it just broke Double Highs and you want to catch the breakout? More than likely it’s not a breakout, they want you to buy in at that moment, Why? So the nefarious actors can manipulate it back down below your original buy level pretty heavily so you’ll close the trade or get taken out by leverage. This would transfer the money from the smaller retail traders to get taken out as they have fallen for the “retail way.” But after the mentorship, You’ll Be able to see things like this a mile away after being taught the technical skills needed. It will most likely take a year to have all the correct information to you and to be kept up to date with the market during the mentorship. Below is a good example of Smart Money being caught ahead of time.

And then

Here is where price accumulated at what appeared to be “resistance.” However, I was not fooled. I said price would spike up through the highs and then pull back down. Therefore, if you wanted to buy this you would’ve bought it at it’s peak most likely at high leverage and then when it came back down, it took you out with it.

These are the types of things you’ll be able to recognize, not only that but there’s more such as Institutional Fibonacci levels, Institutional Numbers, so when you hit these prices on a chart, you’ll know what to expect, At which times of the day would you expect the most volume so you can catch the biggest moves of the day, and much much more.

So if you haven’t by now and want more information on the mentorship, Click on the BODIES X WIX – Smart Money Link now and fill out the form. And then we’ll be better suited to handle the chart below once we get the fundamentals of this tecjhnical analysis. You’ll be able to do what I did below, Call that bitcoin was going hit 15,800 as I did one month prior. 

I didn’t know how long it would take but I was confident in my abilities. Started officially as public  analysis on Sept. 29 (I have had the idea of the pricve much longer before that) I had to hold that long and be patient it would come. And it did. 

This is where i want to spread the ideas to curious and brilliant minds. Please take a moment and complete the form on the main Mentorship Page for more information.

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